Embracing the power of the internet

October 29 2021: Every year, World Internet Day is celebrated on October 29, the  day, the first electronic message was sent from one computer to another.
A student programmer of the University of California, Charley Kline  successfully transmitted the  message ‘LO’. The first message  intended to be sent was 'login' but only the first two letters were delivered as the computers crashed. An hour later, after the first message "lo" was transmitted, the networks were fixed and the full message was transmitted.
We bring you courtesy GoDaddy, a short and quick guide on how one can grow and transform their business today, in the age of internet:
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to come online and meet consumers along with their new and evolving needs. With more consumers, as well as buyers, opting for the online route, organizations are starting to re-think tactics to incorporate internet marketing and grow their business in the next quarter and beyond.
Celebrating the history of technology and communication on International Internet Day, GoDaddy is sharing some tips on how to effectively use technologies available to you to help plan new strategies to help your ideas grow in the online world.
Create, Curate, and Circulate your content
Connecting with the audiences takes time and trust. It encompasses cultivating relationships and making effective communication. Brand communication in the form of creative and relevant content places the company as a leader in the industry and can help drive customer interest. While putting together a suitable content strategy, businesses should consider the 3Cs of content marketing. The first is content creation, which requires original and innovative ways of creating engaging content, from focusing on headlines to making the content interactive. The use of impactful content can further help in improving SEO ranking and increasing traffic on the website. GoDaddy offers GoDaddy Studio, a content creation tool to help  create beautiful and impactful posts for social media promotion and other branded content, through thousands of customizable templates, and professional creative assets. The second key aspect is curation. Content curation is about finding relevant content that drives engagement while adding one’s own opinion and narrative. This requires knowing your target audience, expectations, challenges, and creating tailored content based on the acquired insights. Lastly, while creating content is essential, so is the circulation of the content to the people it is designed to reach. There are various ways in which the content can be spread including the brand’s official website, blogposts, partnerships, influencer engagement, and other digital tools to increase exposure.
The right way to market your ideas
While traditional, outdoor, and physical marketing channels like print, billboard advertising are stepping in more nuanced directions, digital is aiding the consumers today. A thought-through digital marketing strategy can help you engage with more potential customers. It assists in connecting with active participants of online communities, having the potential of becoming customers, through high engagement techniques across multiple social media channels. Through its Websites+Marketing suite of tools,, GoDaddy  offers a wide selection of website designs, an easy-to-use DIY website builder, built-in SEO, and social media integration tools to help first-time digital entrepreneurs build, promote and market their business effectively.
Another great way to market your ideas cost-effectively is through email marketing. To date, sending targeted emails can be  an effective and professional form of business communications to share the latest brand updates, product information, offers, deals, and new services to the set of consumers who are either interested in your business, or have made a purchase in the past. Email marketing is also one of the most successful tools to help drive engagement and build a loyal customer base to help encourage repeat purchases.
Building an online store
The global pandemic has altered the way consumers use e-commerce and has accelerated expansion from luxury goods and services to everyday essentials. With offline stores shut during the pandemic, businesses, especially from Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions, increasingly pivoted online and are opening online stores to continue offering their services and selling their products in the ever-evolving online marketplace. GoDaddy offers an Online Starter bundle, which includes a .in domain name, one-pager website, and a professional email address, to help very small businesses from even smaller towns, get online quickly, at a very affordable price. GoDaddy also provides integration with WooCommerce, a powerful e-commerce engine that allows users to  establish their e-commerce sites with pre-populated, customizable design themes, simplifying the setup process. While building an online store is necessary, creating a Unique Selling Property (USP) and a niche for your products and services is also equally important, as growing your business further. Personalizing the customer experience by sharing other product recommendations and suggested buys for products in the cart, can help to add more value and increase the customer’s engagement with your brand. You can also consider offering special offers, festive sales, loyal customer discounts, and additional services like free shipping or limited-edition products to further attract potential customers.
Offer customer support
Irrespective of the size of your business, customer service is one of the many crucial elements for growth and sustaining the business. It’s a great way to reconnect with your customers and ensure that they are satisfied with the service you provide, making them less likely to switch to the competition. Digital communication has moved beyond emails and messages, and businesses now are stepping up their customer service  by providing customer support through social media, live webchats, and AI bots. Having a strong online customer support strategy can help boost customer trust and build a closer and more personal relationship with them. Providing 24 x 7 customer support, with assistance in vernacular languages, can be some of the effective customer service strategies that businesses can implement.
Skills and training programs for employees
Skilling and training are indispensable components for growth in any organization. With changing ways of working, in this new normal environment, many businesses are increasingly investing in upskilling and reskilling programs to help retain and train their current workforce, as well as support them through their business’s digital transformation journey. Investing time in empowering the workforce can lead to an increase in productivity, employee motivation, and employee retention. Online learning and training is a significant enabler that continues to grow in value for both businesses and their employees. Businesses can also invest in e-learning programs that can help to save money, reduce learning time, and also fits their employee’s flexible lifestyles.