XBOOM Launches VFLYX, a ‘Make in India’ drone technology company

21st October 2021
XBOOM Launches VFLYX, a  ‘Make in India’ drone technology  company
From left: Vishal Saurav CEO and Rohit Dey CTO of VFLYX

Bangalore, October 21, 2021: e-Commerce gadget platform XBOOM Utilities, has launched its Make in India UAV (Drone) Technology company VFLYX India
The new wing of the start-up will also be based in Bangalore in a 10,000sq.ft set-up. Rohit Dey, (ex-NASA scientist) has been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer to spearhead the drone technology initiative and head the technology at VFLYX.
Speaking at the launch ceremony,  Vishal Saurav, CEO & Co-founder of VFLYX India and XBOOM Utilities  said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our high-end UAV (Drone) Technology company in Bangalore. We believe our high-quality state-of-the-art technology & fail-safe features and our exclusive customized drones will delight our customers not only with their uniqueness but also for them being budget-friendly for all industries. The price of our standard drones will start from INR 6.5Lacs.
 Rohit Dey  added :“Our drones will be unique in themselves since the chassis will be constructed using cutting-edge carbon fiber with advanced honey comb technology in lieu of plastic, unlike the ones we get in India commonly. To upscale our company and offer a holistic experience to our customers, we will also provide a certification course in Pilot Training Programme. Our drones will be tailor-made in accordance with the requirements of our customers.”
XBOOM operates pan-India with offices in Bangalore and New Delhi. With the launch of its new UAV (Drone) division, VFLYX, it is in the process of expanding its footprint in India and overseas. The start-up is already in the process of setting up offices in other key locations in India as well as overseas such as Dubai, the USA, Singapore, and so on.
VFLYX India drones are categorized into 4 series - (Surveillance and Inspection, Air Cargo, Surveying and Mapping and Spraying and Seeding
XBOOM Utilities Pvt. Ltd. defines itself as a ‘one-stop e-commerce platform that is working to revolutionize the gadget buying experiences of people.’
World of drones

  • Unit sales expected to grow from 828 thousand in 2021 to almost 1.4 million in 2026 at 10.6% CAGR.
  • Energy remains the industry with the highest adoption of drones, though Cargo, Courier Services, Intralogistics, and Warehousing have the highest CAGR.
  • Mapping & Surveying  will remain the top application of drones, followed by Inspection as well as Photography & Filming