Now, an in-clinic analytical tool for doctors

21st October 2021
Now, an in-clinic  analytical tool for doctors

October 21 2021: HealthPlix Technologies,    has released its in-clinic analytics software – ROBIN -- for doctors who can now access thenew, one-click in-clinic Doctor Insights Dashboard that aims to give back to doctors,  information on what is happening in their clinic over time.
The Doctor Insights Dashboard  is a doctor-facing UI designed to easily track the critical aspects of their patient visits with predefined algorithms and quick links to visual charts. It acts as an ultimate assistant to doctors and plays a pivotal role in elevating and revolutionizing healthcare delivery.
By default, the overall view pulls information together for all patients. Today, patient experience stands at the core of healthcare services. It is of utmost importance for doctors to provide personalized treatment by leveraging digital transformation. Digital tools help healthcare providers with an extensive view of patient health by increasing access to health data and giving patients greater control over their health.   Fuller  report in our e-healthsection