This could be India's most affordable e-scooter

01st October 2021
This could be India's most affordable e-scooter

New Delhi, October 1, 2021: Leading  Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, Komaki’s  electric scooter – Komaki XGT-X1 – is now arguably the  most economical scooter on sale today.
Launched in June, the vehicle is available in the market for less than Rs 60,000 (Lithium ion battery) and under Rs 45,000 (Gel battery).
Komaki has already sold around 25,000 units of its model XGT-X1 in a relatively short amount of time, which goes to show that the vehicle has struck a chord with the Indian customers. Besides this, the brand has a range of 12 license exempted models and 3 high speed registration models.
Equipped with telescopic shockers, anti-theft lock system, remote lock and many more features Komaki XGT-X1 is truly one-of-a-kind scooter.
The company has also launched it in its new advanced technology battery which will offer its customers a range of 100 km – 120 km per charge in Eco mode. This allows the rider to cover large distances without worrying about running out of power. The vehicle also sports a big comfortable seat that can easily accommodate two people and has a massive trunk space as well.The scooter is geared with a synchronized braking system and sized-up BIS Wheels to ensure a safer ride on the roughest of urban roads. While the Emergency Repair Switch allows the vehicle to fix itself in case any problem arises, the Anti-Theft Lock keeps it safe from people with bad intentions.
Komaki’s unique iQ System pushes the riding info to the colorful smart dash, making the ride smooth and efficient. From multiple sensors to self-diagnosis and wirelessly updatable features to vivid smart dash, this vehicle has it all. It’s the complete package for Indian customers.Komaki is offering a warranty of 2+1 (1 year service warranty) years in its lithium ion batteries and 1 year in lead acid battery
 KLB Komaki Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name in the Bearing and Driveshaft Business since 1987. Since 2016, the organization has forayed into manufacturing electric vehicles tailored to the needs of Indian customers and has received national acclaim for its innovations.
Says Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Division:“Years and years of research and development went into the creation of this model, and we’re delighted to finally launch it in the market. As always, we’ve focused on affordability while packing the vehicle with amazing features that are exclusive to Komaki Electric Vehicles. Given how the petrol prices and pollution levels are rising, I believe it’s about time we start switching to electric vehicles. People are beginning to embrace the change and as the charging infrastructure gets better, we’ll see more and more electric vehicles on our roads. It’s indeed the future we should look forward to.”