Galloping growth for India mobile advt market: InMobi study

The Indian mobile advertising market grew by 1.5 billion ad impressions (27%) between October 2010 and January 2011. This is part of the India specific data from latest monthly Mobile Insights Report, from InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network.
Key findings for the Indian market:
- The Indian mobile ad market grew by 27%, gaining well over 1.5 billion monthly impressions in just 90 days
- Smartphone growth outpaced advanced phones and now represents 14% of the overall market, while smartphone impressions grew by over 44%, now representing over one billion monthly impressions
- With 15% growth in its impressions share, Nokia continues to be the top operating system in India with 34.5% impression share. It continues to be the top manufacturer in India, with 59% market share followed by Samsung with 24% impression share. These two competitors account for 83% of total impressions served in the Indian mobile market - Android, iPhone and RIM now comprise 1.3% of the total market. These operating systems collectively increased +0.8 share pts since October 2010
- With a 0.3% impression share, the Apple iPhone is just now entering the market.
- SonyEricsson, LG and Micromax follow Nokia and Samsung on the top manufacturer’s list

Comments Atul Satija, VP & Managing Director – Asia Pacific at InMobi: “The India mobile ad market continues to grow at a rapid pace. The sheer quantity of monthly impressions highlights the opportunity for advertisers to reach the masses via mobile media. Adds James Lamberti, VP Global Research & Marketing at InMobi, says: “2011 has initiated a massive global consumer transition to high-quality smart devices. This trend will define the next phase of mobile advertising growth for InMobi with smart phone impressions becoming the majority of our inventory globally.”

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April 2 2011