Pandemic spurs interest in large screen home projection systems

27th September 2021
Pandemic spurs interest in large screen home  projection systems

September 27 2021: COVID-19 upended the entertainment industry and made home-bound people across the world even more hungry for an immersive big screen experience right in their living rooms.
Says Sushil Motwani,  India representative for  XGIMI: “The pandemic made people aware perhaps that technology does not just make life convenient but also enhances our experience of life in all its glory. What do you do when the world shuts down? You do the next best thing. You bring it home. The reason why so many people are opening up to the idea of projectors is that they want to recreate the big screen experience right at home.”
What helps, he says, is that unlike stationary TVs that take up a lot of space and usually dictate the orientation of the living room, modern plug- and-play projectors are compact, easy to travel with and can turn virtually any space into a mini theatre. “The cost of a large screen smart TV is fairly high, so when you compare that to a high resolution 100-inch smart projector with relatively lower cost but with excellent features and specifications, it becomes very easy to understand what would make a better investment,” says Sushil.
Another factor that is driving the demand up for projectors is the increasing digitisation of the education sector and the preference for automated technologies. According to a market report, the portable projector market is expected to grow up to $1.9 billion by 2025. A report says that projectors are one of the fastest growing product lines in India due to “Changing lifestyles, decrease in price and rising spending on electronics.”  
According to “India Projector Market Outlook, 2019”, even before the pandemic, India’s projector sales had been boosted by the rising demand in many sectors including corporate, media and BPO. Adds Sushil, “Easy accessibility to the Internet is also boosting the demand for projectors in an unprecedented way in the education, entertainment and gaming segments. For sure, because of the pandemic, our operations were impacted but we are now back in full flow of expansion across India. I have no doubt that the market will expand even more in the near future because now the consumer is fully aware of the convenience and cost-effectiveness of high octane viewing pleasure in the convenience of their home.”
XGIMI is a China-based projector speacialist