14-year old creates news app

11th September 2021
14-year old  creates news app
Prajwal N.H.

Bangalore, September 11 2021: Fourteen-year-old Prajwal NH, a Grade 9 student of BGS National Public School, Bangalore, has built a news app called NewsSir that allows users to curate and customise their newsfeed.
Prajwal was able to bring his dream project to fruition after attending a competition organised by Atal Innovation Mission with the guidance of his mentor Bhavesh Goswami, Founder & CEO of CloudThat. The project helped kickstart Prajwal’s journey as a ‘social entrepreneur’ and he recently co-founded Cloud Attack, a cloud computing solutions and consulting company.
 A technology enthusiast, Prajwal has been learning coding for three years and has a keen interest in building applications that have social implications and solve issues people face daily. He learnt coding from popular online code learning platform Codingal.
Says Prajwal: “I saw the gap between how most people around me consumed news and the news they actually wanted to read. I wanted to give people the option to have a personalised news feeds based on their taste and interests. I am happy I got an opportunity to build this app under Atal Innovation Mission and I hope more and more people will start using the app.”
Prajwal was interested in electronics and robotics from a very young age. When he was in grade 6, he joined a robotics class which required him to learn C and C++ programming languages. He says he also enjoyed dismantling his toys and using the electronics to build his own motor-based toys.
The first time Prajwal realized the level of his coding skills and his real potential was when he attended a hackathon for school kids that was hosted by Codingal.
Says Codingal co-founder Vivek Prakash: “When Prajwal participated in a Hackathon we had hosted with BIT Mesra in 2020, he had already been coding for three years and his level of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking immediately caught our attention. We are proud to have him on the Codingal platform and to see him realise his dream.”
Codingal is an online coding platform for K-12 kids on a mission to make school kids fall in love with coding through personalized, 1-on-1 coding classes and exciting coding competitions. Codingal has already empowered over 100,000 kids from over 5,000 schools to create a better future with code.Codingal has developed the world's first coding curriculum that integrates the BIDE Model (broad, inspiring, deep, efficient) with Bloom’s Taxonomy with a dedicated focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) subjects. The curriculum helps children develop a deeper understanding of STEM subjects and improves their performance at school, all as they learn the essential 21-century skill and become the creators of a better future.