Bridgeweave launches app for retail investors, InvestorAi, in India

16th July 2021
Bridgeweave launches  app for retail investors, InvestorAi, in India

Mumbai,  July 16, 2021 : UK-based fintech Bridgeweave,  has announced the launch of its mobile app InvestorAi, an AI-powered personal investment analyst for retail investors, using AI algorithms that have been trained for global equity markets. 
InvestorAi covers over 4500 global stocks and 1500 ETFs in 15 markets and the algorithms perform over 800 million calculations every day - something that is impossible for a regular retail investor to do. There are over 600 live signals available at any point in time with new ones being added every day.
The company is  founded by Akshaya Bhargava, founding CEO of Progeon (now Infosys BPO)  and erstwhile Global CEO of Barclays PLC Wealth and Investment Management.
Says Bhargava, “The world has seen an explosion in new, digital retail investors entering equity markets. These investors are looking for investment ideas. Our algorithms analyse each stock in equal depth, giving access to the same high-quality research that has historically only been available to institutional investors. We’re on a crusade to close this investment information gap for everyday investors by giving them same high-quality predictive market insights from a mobile app that top hedge fund managers and investment bankers get from a team of quant research analysts.
Once registered on the app, a user can:
 -Look for investment ideas generated through predictive analytics whose prediction range can be as little as 3 days to 30 days to longer term signals on value stocks
-Discover ideas on their own by pre-curating a universe of ETFs and stocks based on algorithms which allow the user to search and filter using a wide range of criteria
-Compare stocks before buying through the “Play” algo which allows the user to compare any two stocks in a visually easy way across multiple criteria or against the Index
-Activate intelligent monitoring through an algo that enables a user to monitor individual stocks and thematic baskets, set up custom alerts for profit or loss limits, find similar stocks, see past signals or be alerted if there is a new signal on the stock
-Trade at will through InvestorAi’s integration with brokers to allow its users to put through trades through their existing broker accounts
 InvestorAi starts at a monthly fee of Rs. 799 and comes with a 15-day free trial period.
InvestorAi link
IoS app here         Android app here