Magicpin allows small retailers to go online in 2 minutes

03rd July 2021
Magicpin allows small retailers to  go online in 2 minutes

July 3, 2021:  Magicpin,  a leader in  in offline marketing for retailers, enables any store — including restaurants — to set up and launch an online store within two minutes at zero commission.
This is a boon for small retailers and hyperlocal merchants and restaurants, who would otherwise have to go through a series of lengthy procedures and red tape to be onboarded on any delivery platform. magicpin’s advanced technological solutions and established infrastructure ensure that merchants get a full-stack experience, at no extra cost. This includes not just a state-of-the-art online storefront, but call centre support, comprehensive API integration, and other such crucial mechanisms.
Currently live in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Goa, Chennai, Ahmedabad, magicpin is quickly spreading to more cities and countries. The platform for retailers and brands has over 5 million users, cementing its place as a leader in offline marketing for businesses that want to reach out to relevant local customers. magicpin offers the same full-stack experience to every one of their merchants, effectively leveling the playing field and allowing them to focus more on growing their business while significantly decreasing the stress associated with running an online store.
Owned by Samast Technologies, magicpin allows its merchants to have complete control over their online store, as business owners can customise their menu as per their needs and offer unique discounts to customers which are not financially viable on other aggregator sites. It further allows merchants to create loyalty programmes that enable them to pass on more savings to their customers, which helps increase the repeat rate of getting orders.
magicpin provides retailers with personalised URLs rather than simply positioning them as an extension of the platform — allowing them to create and promote their own brand identity. With, merchants can now leverage magicpin’s technology to not just expand their reach and grow their businesses seamlessly, but also create a world-class home-ordering experience for their customers, all within two minutes.
Says Brij Bhushan, co-founder and COO at magicpin: Our merchants can still use their existing delivery partners, whom they are comfortable with, by seamlessly integrating them into our system. For those merchants who want to create a specially customised delivery system in order to avoid paying high commissions to third-party aggregators, they can do so through This gives them more control over all aspects of their own online store while also being able to access powerful marketing tools to boost sales. What’s foremost is peace of mind for our merchants, and we ensure that we consistently deliver on that promise.”
While merchants can choose to deliver on their own, the platform still allows for delivery services that are already integrated with top logistics providers in India. Unlike other platforms, magicpin’s level of integration and coordination with these top-tier third-party providers offers an especially seamless delivery system. Through their first-hand experience of driving logistics and hands-on approach, magcpin ensures that their merchants’ deliveries are given the highest priority.
Small businesses can manage their orders on the Orderhere app, and large chains can use an existing Point of Sale Software, as magicpin also offers services to integrate the same directly into their POS system.
Several magicpin partners echo that assertion. Prashant Ashok Dani, owner of the local eatery Mumbai Bites, said, “In the last 1.5 years since we have worked with magicpin, they have helped increase our reach and drive more footfalls. Without magicpin I will not have seen the increase in business. I see them as a true partner for small businesses like ours.” magicpin has also played an essential role in getting several small businesses back on their feet during the pandemic. Ravi Kolhapuri, owner of the Bangalore grocery store SLR Budget Bazaar, said, “magicpin's delivery service helped me serve customers during lockdown. magicpin has also helped increase my reach. Now I get customers from areas where it was not possible to do so before. Best part is that I pay if I get the footfall. I am not wasting my marketing investment.”