5G preparations in India. Source images: MotionStock and ADMC from Pixabay
Focus on 5G in India, as industry gears up with the tools and technology

June 22 2021: IndiaTechOnline launches a sharp focus on 5G across multiple sections today.
This comes, as  tech majors Airtel and Tatas join to create a 5G network for India,  Qualcomm launches a modem for 5G IoT applications, Siemens releases an industry-grade 5G router and the mobile industry body, GSMA makes a strong plea to all nations to release the 6GHz mid-spectrum band for 5G to be really effective. A Capgemini survey is upbdeat about the 5G impact on industry.
Here are our stories on each of these developments:
Airtel, Tata Group join to implement 5G networks in India (indiatechonline.com)
Qualcomm launches modem for 5G IoT applications (indiatechonline.com)
Siemens offers first 5G industrial-grade router (indiatechonline.com)
6 GHz spectrum is crucial to power 5G networks, says industry body, GSMA (indiatechonline.com)
5G is accelerating the industrial revolution, finds Capgemini study (indiatechonline.com)
In recent weeks we had also reported on other related 5G happenings in India:
World moves to 5G this year, but India will see traction only by 2026: Ericsson study (indiatechonline.com)
Capgemini and Ericsson join, to set up 5G lab in Mumbai, for clients
Strong consumer interest in India for 5G phones, though no clear timeline for launch of services: CMR (indiatechonline.com)

Affordable 5G phone?
Meanwhile, the other big Indian mobile player,  Jio, is  gearing up for the AGM  of its parent, Reliance, on June 24.
There are strong market rumours that Jio will announce  a disruptively proices entry level 5G phone.
Last year during Reliance AGM, Google  announced an investment of $337 crore in Jio. The partnership was expected to help  develop an affordable 5G device, for which  Google would  offer a custom Android skin.
We will know in two day’s time.