Pune startup offers cognitive solutions for hotels

17th May 2021
Pune startup offers cognitive solutions for hotels

May 17 2021: Upswing Cognitive Hospitality Solutions, a Pune, India-based new-age predictive data solutions start-up for the hospitality and travel industry, provides its customers with data-driven cognitive solutions.
It recently raised Foreign Direct Investment from Framed Venture Capital - an Australian investment private company.
Framed recognized the potential of Upswing and the benefit that its technological developments could bring to the hospitality industry with the development of automated and intuitive big data solutions
The travel and hospitality sectors are among the largest job providers in the country but has struggled with employment and economic losses during the Covid-19 pandemic. Framed invested in Upswing, sharing the vision of the founders, to strengthen the depth and breadth of its technology offering, and its positioning relative to competitors, and other service providers, in anticipation of the increased desire and need, of industry participants to adopt technology post the pandemic.
Backed with AI & Blockchain, Upswing helps its customers (i.e., hotels and other hospitality providers) anticipate their guests’ behaviour, managing, enhancing, and delivering operational KPIs.
The software platform allows hotel guests to enjoy unmatched travel and stay experiences, and helps in enhancing the hotel’s overall efficiency in providing personalized experiences. Upswing provides end-to-end cost-effective solutions that cover all stages of a guest's journey from pre-stay to re-stay, and from guest engagement to guest marketing.
The company has partnered with RMS Hospitality Cloud, one of the world’s leading cloud-based hospitality software solutions providers, with over 35 years of experience and 6000+ customers across the globe, as its first integration partner. Data security and scalability has been addressed by leveraging readily available solutions and infrastructure from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Upswing operates its Software as a Service (SaaS) model in both B2B and B2C market segments.Says Upswing founder Harshvardhan Amle: “The current grave risk that the industry has been confronted with globally, has highlighted the urgent need for sweeping reforms to help them steer safely through these difficult times. The substantial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the domestic & international travel and hospitality industry further corroborates the need to pivot the sector’s current approach towards data-driven solutions, which has proven helpful for many organizations & industries across the world.”
Upswing’s flagship cognitive solutions
AURA is a data and AI driven dashboard that gives hotels a 360 degree view of their guests which includes their likes, dislikes, preferences, purchase patterns etc.  
It characterizes each guest with its scoring engine, notifies the hotel for suggested actions to be taken to provide guest with unmatched service. It is partially hosted on a private or consortium blockchain.
ALVIE is a guest-facing tool.  Hotels and guests communicate with each other seamlessly. Hotels can push- notify guests about special curated offers, discounts from Aura to ALVIE, at the same time when a guest responds to these, ALVIE notifies AURA. It is hosted on a private blockchain.
Website: www.upswing.cloud