MapMyIndia offers free tracking of hospital supply vehicles

12th May 2021
MapMyIndia offers free tracking of hospital supply vehicles

New Delhi, May 12, 2021:Leading Indian cartography and digital mapping company, MapmyIndia, has  offered  to install GPS tracking systems for free  in all  vehicles  transporting oxygen, vaccine, hospital equipment and medical supplies across India.
Manufacturers, transporters, hospital administrators & government authorities can see the live location/movement of these vehicles and can get alert/report instantly if and where those vehicles are stopped.  MapmyIndia will align installation & live tracking dashboard teams to get the process started.
 The MapmyIndia GPS tracking solution, once installed, will make sure that the oxygen or medical supply trucks are tracked real-time by both the consignor and consignee, eliminating any diversion or pilferage en-route. The various stakeholders will be immediately alerted of any route deviation or any incidents that may happen on the way, triggering corrective action can be initiated without any delay. The solution will enable critical supply planning well in advance, and with a high level of accuracy. This will minimize stock-outs of critical supplies like oxygen, and will go a long way in saving Indian lives.
Transporter  are encouraged to or call +919999333223 with company and vehicle details   to avail of the free tracking technology.