offers AI-driven content generator

01st May 2021 offers  AI-driven content generator

May 1 2021: With digital transformation radically improving and pushing boundaries, Pepper Content, a content marketplace, offering the content industry  an AI-enabled content generator - ‘’.
The tool enables creators to generate countless copies of well-curated, quality content and ideas within 10 seconds. The company aims to streamline the creation, management and distribution of content and is Pepper Content’s first step towards building a better and smarter future of content creation. Built on top of GPT3 platform, based on Elon Musk’s OpenAI, also has a proprietary algorithm that helps users to create short form meaningful content.This tool is being incorporated in Pepper Content’s self-serve platform since ‘Content on demand’ is the next big thing in the content curation industry.
The platform acts as an e-commerce website wherein without human-intervention it bridges the gap between brands and content creators. The platform helps users to track and order their content pieces at one place. 
Says Rishabh Shekhar, Co-Founder and COO, Pepper Content,  “We envision to empower creators with our effort to build a platform that enables the content industry as a whole to become more efficient. Our virtual assistive tool and the newly launched self-serve platform empowers content creators to seamlessly create content, without much hassle.”
The platform is an easy to use platform that helps social media managers, digital marketers, and content creators in general to generate hundreds of copy ideas which are contextual and relevant to their industry. While the new self serve platform works as an e-commerce platform for the content industry to order and track content in a single dashboard, brands are enabled to streamline their content management.