vSpeech.ai, serves all leading Indian languages

30th April 2021
vSpeech.ai, serves  all leading Indian languages

Ahmedabad April 30  2021: VSpeech.ai is a Text-to-speech/Speech-to-text engine provider who has now expanded its slate to over 14 Indian languages.
 India truly takes pride in its cultural diversity and where over 456 languages are spoken- there’s no one person who is not a multi-lingual. With this proficiency in languages, code switching (using two languages in a sentence) is a usual affair. VSpeech.ai,  is edicated to solving complex business problems with intelligent solutions on top of voice technology. Its AI (Artificial Intelligence) effectively addresses this challenge. Its multi-lingual voice transcription is trusted by top financial and technology firms which handle customer operations for major telecom operators. VSpeech.aiprovides not only an accurate and reliable way to convert your text to speech and speech to text in just a second, but alsohelps with an accuracy of 95% with the support of 15+ languages and 5 other product verticals including Voice Analysis, VoiceBot, Voice BioMatic, Noise Cancellation, and Speech Recognition.
 VSpeech.ai offers multi-lingual speech recognition and AI voices which include major Indian languages like Indian English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam,Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya and more. Company’s multi-lingual service is designed with the idea of providing an easy communication platform, where AI-based machine learning understands the inputs precisely making it much easier to converse.With over 2000+ hours of data trained models, VSpeech.ai assures to design fully customized models as per the specific industries like insurance, banks, robots, hospitals, and so on boosting the productivity and profitability in one go. The company’s goal is to implant local languages which shall be easily accessible for a huge market, an advanced technology that offers voice based interactions through Artificial Intelligence. Company holds a significant B2B client portfolio in Interactive Voice Response(IVR) call centres and BFSI industry.
Says Mausam Patel, Director of VSpeech.ai: “VSpeech.ai, a new platform with revised services managed by the core company India TTS Private Limited, is an AI Company focussed on empowering businesses through AI powered end to end voice automation. With our services of text to speech and speech to text, and voice recognition, we are glad to extend a helping hand to the business with intelligent speech solutions for world’s industries. We guarantee high accuracy with our custom-built speech models. In the world where Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost all industries, we plan to provide our bit into the same and look forward in offering such unique facilities and services to every sector in India.”

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