Indian crypto exchange WazirX launches QuickBuy feature

28th April 2021
Indian crypto exchange  WazirX launches QuickBuy feature

 April 28, 2021: India’s largest crypto currency exchange,  WazirX has  announced a new feature to streamline and provide a seamless crypto buying experience.
With a mission to make crypto accessible to everyone in India, this innovative feature is aimed to address the growing demand of new crypto investors, create more awareness on safe crypto trading practices and also familiarize the Indian masses with this new dimension of fintech. Despite the rapid growth of crypto adoption in India, millions of fence-sitters and potential crypto investors find it difficult to participate in crypto; lack of simplicity and ease of buying their first crypto are to be blamed for this. QuickBuy allows users to buy their first crypto seamlessly, quickly, and without any hidden charges.
A feature like QuickBuy is the need of the hour as it will bridge the gap between crypto adoption and the masses.The largest crypto exchange in India has recently doubled its users from 1 million to 2 million between January 2021 and March 2021; adds another million in April 2021. With QuickBuy, WazirX aims to onboard the next 10 Million users on to its platform within this quarter.
Says Nischal Shetty, Founder and CEO, WazirX: “Staying true to our customers and making crypto accessible to India is of utmost priority for us. Our low spread and highest liquidity in INR coupled with an easy-to-use interface are already unparalleled within the market. These factors are precisely the ones driving the customer footfall. Yet, we wish to take our customer experience a notch above with the launch of the QuickBuy feature. It will further streamline crypto transactions in India, thereby allowing millions of people to participate.”
The platform has recently crossed 3 million users with a monthly trading volume of the platform clocked $2.4 Billion.