Electronic repair sector has potential to create 5 million jobs, finds MAIT study

26th April 2021
Electronic repair sector has potential to create 5 million jobs, finds MAIT study

New Delhi,April 26 2021: MAIT, the apex body representing India's ICT and Electronics sector,  has released a report titled 'Electronic Hardware Repair Services Outsourcing' (ERSO) at the Electronics & Telecom Manufacturing Summit 2021 which just concluded here.
The report makes strong recommendations to the Government of India to streamline and simplify procedures to make India a repair and refurbishment hub for IT and electronic products. The MAIT report builds on the need to tap the repair market based on Independent third-party research and analysis conducted by Lexport as Knowledge Partners.
The repair and calibration of electronic subassemblies and products is a 100 billion-dollar industry worldwide. High costs of repairing electronic goods in developed countries like the United States and Europe are compelling the corporates to send goods overseas, where such repair services are provided at lower prices due to both skills and cost arbitrage.
The report presents a comprehensive picture of the legal, policy, and compliance-related amendments recommendations and aims to request the Government of India to consider the changes in policy measures and reform the repair and refurbishment service sector in India.
The report highlights background on the regulatory landscape and emphasizes bottlenecks and difficulties being faced day to day by the repair units in India, such as various regulatory approvals, import/ export restrictions; investment and Infrastructure cost; lack of skilled workforce and technology; E-waste related constraints, etc.
Saiys Nitin Kunkolienker, President, MAIT: "The electronics repair industry has the potential of becoming an emerging sector for employment growth in India. With the right regulatory support from the Government of India, the domestic repair service sector in India can experience a tremendous boost. It will thereby generate valuable FOREX revenue as well as create employment, especially during these COVID-19 times, which has made millions of Indians job-less".
The initiative to make India an Electronics Repairs Outsourcing Hub is the next sunrise sector for the country with the potential to generate over 5 million new direct jobs, attract investment from across the globe, adding to India’s GDP & FE earnings.
MAIT is the apex body representing the ICT and electronics manufacturing sector for India. MAIT is recognized by both the Government, as well as the industry, for its role in the growth and development of the IT Hardware industry.