Avaya survey points to less happy workforce after Covid

13th April 2021
Avaya survey points to  less happy workforce  after Covid

New Delhi, April 13, 2021: Avaya,  a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, has released the results of a new survey, “Life and Work Beyond 2020: The Change Makers,” examining how attitudes and feelings toward home and work life have changed over the last year. 
The survey uncovers a significant happiness gap, with only 27% of respondents saying they were happier in 2020 and 43% saying they were less happy. The survey also reveals that organizations have the power to increase well-being, with 56% saying hybrid work has the potential to improve their well-being and 79% saying that when engaging with an organization’s contact center, they expect agents to do everything possible to make them happy.
Digital transformation and the pandemic have created lasting change in how we want to work and shop. As workers, we want a hybrid work environment that offers more choice and eliminates an inflexible daily grind. As consumers, we want to interact with businesses through the channels we prefer, and we expect in-the-moment responsiveness to address our unique needs. Businesses that want to meet these changing dynamics require composable solutions that let them build the ideal communications and collaboration environment for managing distributed teams and empowering these teams to delight customers.
 “Avaya’s ‘Life and Work Beyond 2020’ survey presents a compelling case that organizations today play a critical role in our well-being, both as employers and service providers,” said Simon Harrison, Chief Marketing Officer, Avaya.
Key Insights from  India
Support for Hybrid Work Model

With organisations still replanning reopening of offices till the situation stabilizes and comes under control, 77% of the Indian employees have agreed to Hybrid work model as they feel it will better their mental wellbeing. 74% of the respondents have mentioned that they would support government policies to help all employees embrace hybrid working, e.g. working from anywhere, office, home or other location. Infact 56% of the Indian employees would love to work from anywhere in the near future wherein 30% of the respondents are indifferent to the scenario.
Work Ethics and Values becoming more important
With remote working becoming the new normal, coordination, communication and collaboration have become important than ever in this new work model. 40% of the Indian employees feel that Honesty has become the top-most priority along with many opting for Loyalty (20%), Open-mindedness (14%), Passion (15%) amongst others to maintain an equilibrium in the employer-employee relationship. 49% of the Indian respondents have opted for organisations which reflect these values.
Mixed reaction towards Automation taking over in the near future
Although, Indian employees share a positive sentiment towards working from home or working in a hybrid environment, 47% of the respondents have shown concerns with respect to Automation taking over their roles in the near future wherein 37% of the employees don’t feel so.
The survey, conducted in November 2020, is based on interviews with 10,000 consumers and workers in a variety of markets around the world, including Austria, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, UAE, the UK and the U.S.