On World Backup Day, protect your valuable data and memories

31st March 2021
On World Backup Day, protect your valuable data and memories

March 31 2021:  Today is World Backup Day. March 31st reminds us to protect our precious digital documents as we’ve become more reliant on technology.
There’s always that one photo, video or memory that you took the time to save, yet for some reason, it’s not yours anymore. Whether it was a lost or broken phone, a faulty hard drive or some other technological mishap, it can feel impossible to keep all your files in one piece.It is the day when we finally stop saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and make sure all our precious files find a safe space.
Try not to think of it as a hassle. Remember when you swore to backup all those pictures and videos from your last vacation? Now’s the time!
WHAT IS BACKUP? A backup is a second copy of all your important files — for example, your family photos, home videos, documents, and emails. Instead of storing it all in one place (like your computer), you keep another copy of everything somewhere safe.  More information here:www.worldbackupday.com

We bring you  some thoughts from leaders in storage and backup:
Pradeep Seshadri, Director of Systems Engineering, Commvault (India & SAARC) on Backup as a Service(BaaS):
Word Backup Day is a day set aside to remind everyone who use and touch data to back up their data. And, with the COVID-19 pandemic and hybrid work culture, it is even more important to protect data effectively and regularly. Out of the data boom and need for intelligent data management, one of the fastest emerging trends on data backup is the concept of BaaS that is taking the data world by storm.
BaaS brings many benefits that outstrip its traditional, outdated counterparts. The scalability of BaaS solutions means a significantly reduced cost of ownership and operation compared to the expensive investments and commitment required for physical backup infrastructure.
The scalability of BaaS also means companies are not hampered by the limited physical capacity of traditional backups. Recovery time, which can be significantly important to maintain business operations, is also shortened, especially with Disaster Recovery, which is optimized for as little downtime as possible.
BaaS backup solutions also fall under Operating Expenses (OpEx), while more traditional backup solutions tend to incur Capital Expenses (CapEx). As the CapEx investment can be prohibitively high, this makes BaaS costs more palatable for companies that have had their IT budgets lowered over the years.
Additionally, BaaS offers the benefits of being a managed service, it can be offloaded to focused and expert solutions provider. With maintenance and management outsourced to a provider, BaaS frees up the skilled resource who can be assigned to more mission critical or strategic tasks.
The wide variety of data backup and recovery options means BaaS can be tailored to the unique needs of each organization, with backup extending even to applications such as like Office 365 or Salesforce. No doubt why BaaS is fast becoming part of India Inc’s backup strategy.
Jaganathan Chelliah, Director- Marketing, India, Western Digital:
As a global leader in data storage technology, we have the onus of inculcating this critical digital habit amongst Indian consumers. And what better than using World Backup Day as an occasion to share this message with the consumersLast year, we launched the ‘Back Up Nahi Toh Packup’ campaign, the whooping success of which inspired us to launch  #BackUpAndStay-Safe this year, in order to help the consumer understand the importance of backing up their data. As every piece of data is a priceless asset we possess, it is imperative that saving these becomes a natural habit for us.”
As a part of this campaign, Western Digital also unveiled a micro-site populated with informative posts, interesting facts about data backup, quirky creatives, myth busters, and interactive quizzes to make the experience more engaging for the visitors. Every visitor on the micro-site is also encouraged to take a pledge to back up their data.
Western Digital offers a range of data storage solutions such as the WD My Passport HDD portable drives, especially for data backup. The stylish design fits in the palm of a hand and offers a massive storage capacity of up to 5TB, paired with WD Backup software and password protection.