New Pega Mobile enhancements simplify app creation

25th February 2021
New Pega Mobile enhancements simplify app creation
Screen shot demonstrates the new Pega Mobile capabilities which guide the user to design enterprise mobile apps with an intuitive low-code authoring interface

February 25 2021: Pegasystems  has announced new features for Pega Mobile that help make it even faster and easier to develop seamless mobile apps from any Pega desktop application. With its intuitive low-code interface, new Pega Mobile authoring enhancements help both citizen and professional developers to more efficiently create modern mobile apps with the look, feel, and performance that end users expect.
While many organizations preach a mobile first approach, putting it into practice is easier said than done. Mobile app development is an expensive and time-consuming process that requires specialized skillsets. Most mobile apps are hard coded with unique business logic that must be individually updated in each app whenever changes are needed. This results in an inconsistent experience for users moving across different channels and ongoing maintenance headaches for developers trying to keep up with the latest functionality demands.
Pega Mobile can guide the user to design enterprise mobile apps without ever touching a line of code. Novice and seasoned developers alike can more readily deploy native apps in iOS or Android that are ready for use in just a few clicks. And because of Pega's Center-out™ approach, the business logic is centrally managed across all applications – which means an app change can be automatically deployed across every channel it resides instead of recoding each one by hand.
Available for App Studio users within Pega Platform, the newest Pega Mobile features provide a prescriptive path to creating a limitless number of native apps for internal or external uses