US Army appoints Indian-origin Dr Raj Iyer as CIO, to head a $ 10 billion, 15,000 -person organization

Washington (US) January 13 2021: The U.S. Army has appointed  Indian American  Dr. Raj Iyer, currently a senior director at Deloitte, as its  new chief information officer.
This makes Dr Iyer, the highest ranking Indian American civilian at the Pentagon, equivalent in rank to a three-star general,.
At Deloitte,  he  was Managing Director for government service.  Previously, Dr Iyer  served as a senior technology adviser at the  US government’s Department of Health and Human Services and as chief technology officer for U.S. Army Material Command. He is Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington,  and  an MBA from the University of Michigan.
IndiaWest reports that Dr Iyer  grew up in Bangalore and did his undergraduate studies at National Institute of Technology Tiruchi before moving to the U.S.
He  writes on his LinkedIn page: “Dear Friends, This is my last week at Deloitte! Leaving the firm has been the toughest decision I have had to make in my 25-year professional career. I have cherished every minute of my 6 years with the firm alongside awesome leaders and great minds, and a culture that is simply the best….I will be starting my new career journey as the first civilian CIO of the United States Army leading a $10 Billion, 15,000-person global IT organization. This move was not one that I had planned, but the call for public service is my duty. It’s also an exciting opportunity to put technology front and center to Army modernization leveraging cloud, AI and data analytics to achieve digital overmatch against our adversaries. I am confident our paths will cross in the future.”