3 tech trends will define the remote workplace in 2021

07th January 2021
3 tech trends will define the remote workplace in 2021

Technology Trends 2021- 6:  Remote workplaces
We continue our series of  technology insights and predictions  by industry leaders
January 7 2021: One of the biggest technology trends expected to take off with breakneck speed in 2021 is cloud growth.
A recession-proof lifeline through the pandemic, the cloud has fast become a primary, if not totally exclusive means of keeping employees in work and businesses afloat, and is expected to process a staggering 94 per cent of internet workload next year.
In the more permanent work-at-home (WAH) environment – marked by a spike in collaboration needs – survival will depend on business’ ability to accelerate a workplace paradigm shift, underpinned by the cloud.
Aditya Arora, CEO of Teleperformance India, the leading Business Process outsourcing agency in the country, reflects on the disruption caused in 2020 and discusses trends and technologies leaders need to implement in 2021 to support the expanding WAH set-up.
Cloud: the self-driving infrastructure for dispersed teams
Built for change, cloud-based operating models are providing businesses with the advantage of being able to respond quickly, be location agnostic, and mitigate any future disruption to client services. The is enabling an environment of enhanced employee collaboration, productivity, and agility – including the ability to build a more diverse workforce, empowering leaders to hire from across the globe.
Heightened focus on back-office automation
Automating processes in the back-office will be pivotal to making the customer experience more seamless in the virtual era. Unpredictable labour dynamics, coupled with fluctuating demand, shines a light on Robotic Process Automation as a scalable solution for keeping connected with customers and allowing remote employees greater capacity to dedicate empathy to consumers in need.” The fact that the Customer Effort involved actually sees a drop is the icing.
Securing the next normal
Traditional security solutions have been rendered ineffective for protecting the remote workforce from cybercrime, signalling a need to upskill systems with artificial intelligence and cloud technology. In 2021, organisations will lean on AI to detect, manage, and mitigate risks before they happen, as well as move their work applications to one trusted cloud network – bolstering a resilient IT and security infrastructure.”
Teleperformance Group is the global leader in customer experience management and one of the world’s largest providers of work-at-home cloud solutions, helping leading companies to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.