5G, AI, data will drive semicon industry in 2021

28th December 2020
5G, AI, data will drive semicon industry in 2021

As we approach a new year, we continue our series of  technology insights and predictions  by industry experts
Balajee Sowrirajan, Managing Director, Samsung Semiconductor India R&D Centre (SSIR) suggests  the  outlook for the semiconductor industry in India in 2021.
December 28 2020: One of the biggest trends I foresee in the coming year is around building a connected and intelligent world. The emergence of devices that are not only connected but are able to take informed decisions based on data is well underway and this trend will largely be defined by four pillars :
Connectivity – The fourth industrial revolution will be built on 5G, which will be driven by convergence of digital and physical technologies such as digital connectivity, cloud and edge-computing, IoT and smart devices, AI, robotics, blockchain, and AR/VR
Sensor – While more pixels and more cameras will be enhancing the quality of our pictures, smart sensors will provide more intelligence and will enable us to choose the best shots too. Beyond image sensors, other sensors are also catching up to mimic human capabilities
Data – With big data on rise, storage solutions have evolved from core storage to a hybrid multicloud infrastructure
AI – Artificial intelligence will be critical with movement from Cloud based AI to Edge based AI, to enable real time decision making