Nationwide WiFi network across India mooted

12th December 2020
Nationwide  WiFi network across India mooted
Country-wide connectivity through WiFi..... Image courtesy Vedanta

New Delhi, December  12 2020: The Union Cabinet has approved the setting up of nationwide   public Wi-Fi networks to be called  the  Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI) .
These would be provided through Public Data Offices (PDOs) established on the lines of Public Call Offices (PCOs). These PDOs will establish, operate, and maintain only the WANI compliant Wi-Fi access points to deliver broadband services to its subscribers.
The PM tweeted:"The scheme would enable our small shopkeepers to provide Wi-Fi service. This will boost incomes as well as ensure our youth gets seamless internet connectivity. It will also strengthen our Digital India mission."
The public Wi-Fi access network interface would be an eco-system operated by various players. PM-WANI scheme will work through: 

  1. Public Data Office (PDO): These units would help in establishing, operating the WANI compliant Wi-Fi access points. These would also deliver broadband services to subscribers.
  2. Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA): These would aggregate the PDOs and perform all the actions including authorization and accounting.
  3. App Provider: An application is on cards that would register the users and also look for all the WANI-compliant Wi-Fi hotspots in the local area. It would be displayed within the application for accessing internet service.
  4. Central Registry: There would also be a central registry maintaining the details of the app providers, PDOAs, as well as PDOs. This central registry will be maintained by C-DoT or Centre of Development for Telematics.