Use a second mobile number to shield from nuisance calls

05th December 2020
Use a second  mobile number to shield from nuisance calls

December 5 2020: In an effort to safeguard the digital identity of mobile users, a Hyderabad based company - Ten20 Infomedia Pvt Ltd, has designed and developed Doosra, a first-of-its-kind solution, a 10-digit, SIM-free mobile number, which users can share at any place where they are compelled to share their personal mobile number including on digital platforms.
All incoming calls to the Doosra number are either automatically blocked or sent to voicemail or let through depending on the User’s settings and preferences on Doosra app. All the incoming messages are silently placed in the Messages folder on the Doosra app and can be reviewed at leisure. This helps Users to take back control of their digital privacy while safeguarding their identity from spammers and scammers. Incidentally, the Doosra app does not require or ask for any access to User’s phone’s call logs, phonebook, photo gallery, or any other information stored on the phone like most third party apps.
Our mobile numbers are present in countless public places, online as well as offline, and with numerous strangers that we practically have no track of. Because, we simply had no choice but to share our mobile number at some point in time. Now, the consequences of this seemingly insignificant process are dire: endless spam calls and messages, continuous attempts of scam, phishing, and fraud, non-stop harassment by strangers, constant violation of privacy by brands.
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Says Aditya Vuchi, Founder and CEO of Doosra said, “Presently, our personal mobile number is linked to our every personal detail – our bank accounts, name & address, social media profiles, email addresses, our location, work & personal contacts, important id cards and whatnot. When this mobile number is circulated in any public domain, it exposes our identity and risks misuse of our personal information. Doosra provides an innovative yet simple solution. It is a virtual mobile number that can be shared anywhere and with anyone, instead of a personal mobile number to avoid spam, unknown callers, circulation, and theft of personal information. Privacy is a fundamental right and Doosra aims to protect your identity in this digital era where we are exposed to threats both online and offline.” 
How Doosra works

Simply put, Doosra stops all unwanted calls with a user-friendly Smart Call Filter on the Doosra app, and gives Users the power to decide which calls should reach their phones. With the Doosra app, you have the option of calling back unknown callers who called your Doosra number, without ever revealing your personal number. Due to the secure servers, the recipient's screen displays a system-assigned, random10- digit number.
One can share their Doosra number anywhere with anyone, from unknown acquaintances to relatives to online services. If you want to receive calls from a specific caller who has your Doosra number then you can add them as a Trusted Contact and their calls will not be blocked. In the case where a caller has an important message to convey, they can also leave a voicemail on your Doosra number which can be accessed anytime. There is a separate inbox for all messages that are addressed to your Doosra number.
As an introductory offer, the Company has kept the subscription at Rs 59/month on a one year plan.