Internet in India, after 25 years

November 17 2020, The number of internet connections in India  has  crossed 750 million  at end August 2020, 25 years after the service was thrown open on August 15 1995.  The number of connections doubled from 340 million  since March 2016 says a report inTimes of India yesterday. 61% of these are in urband areas and 97% are wireless connections.
Just six States account for 260 million, or 35 per cent of all the internet connections in the nation. these are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat and Maharashtra.
By end August India has 767 million Internet connections, of which  710 are  broadband connections.  97% of broadband is on mobile devices. Jio has  53% of the market share among broadband providers, followed by  23 %  Airtel and18% Vodafone ( now includes  Idea) an 4% the state owned BSNL.