Farm ERP paves way for smart farming

26th September 2020
Farm ERP paves way for smart farming

Pune, September 26 2020: Back in 2001, at a time when there was no connection between agriculture and technology, a Pune-based startup, Shivrai Technologies, founded by technology entrepreneurs Sanjay Borkar and Santosh Shinde, developed the FarmERP platform that began to bridge the gap between the two industries. Today, FarmERP is not only the pioneer in the AgTech industry but is also the leading platform for all agri-tech needs
FarmERP helps contract farming businesses to initiate the digital alteration of their operations with regards to contract management and agriculture supply chain management. With sustainability being their main area of focus, they are working on optimizing the use of chemicals, fertilizers, and water to aide farmers to grow sustainable produce while keeping the environment safe, thus, also enabling them to make more profit.
FarmERP has been collaborating with the government to aid farmers and has been aggressively working with various FPO’s and allowing stakeholders to streamline their businesses by the practice of operations on this technology platform; they have collaborated with MAHAFPC to implement technology spanning across
their entire operations. This will assist the working patterns of MAHAFPC in a
way that helps bring their entire business operations over a single digital platform. FarmERP further achieves an end to end traceability, mitigates climate risks along with assuring consistent supply to their customers.
It works on four main objectives: - sustainability, food safety, climate resilience, and traceability. With its supply management software, it enables produce to be tracked from the initial place of production, right up to its availability in the market thus, helping farmers to understand the supply chain better.
In order to improve the multi-cropping patterns of some businesses, FarmERP prepared crop planning and crop schedules. The farm supervisors were trained to capture production data over mobile client application which helped them control production activities in real-time. Multiple Plot Record helps to plan row-wise farm production activities. It enables field managers to add or edit farm production activities including minute details based on the type of operations. 
FarmERP also helps farmers to better the quality of their produce by providing them details on soil health and degradation through their “Safe to harvest” feature on the FarmERP Lite app. This helps the farmers to know when their plot is ready for harvest in view of chemicals sprayed on the land. Secondly, their “Safe to Spray” feature helps to guide farmers on which chemicals and pesticides are impervious. FarmERP’s agriculture software solutions offers three essential features – soil observation details, tree observation details, and water observation details.
Its geo-mapping, tree encoding, and crop scouting solutions, FarmERP helps to anticipate and respond to hazardous events or disturbances related to climate, thus improving climate resilience and helping farmers to avoid risks and cut down on losses.