Globus Infocom launches online learning mamagement system

23rd August 2020
Globus Infocom launches online learning mamagement system

Noida (NCR) August 23 2020:Globus Infocom, a leading technology provider in the field of Education Technology is all set to launch an  Online Learning Management System to boost Digital Learning scenario in India and facilitate more engaging and intuitive online learning sessions.
Globus Learning Management System is an online platform that facilitates planning, executing and assessing a specific learning process. It makes online learning more systematic and effective and coherent by providing a space where materials can be stored and organized, assessments can be assigned, and students and teachers can collaborate using Interactive Whiteboard, Forum and Blogs. It offers:

  • Centralized knowledge repository for both students and teachers
  • Sharing of resources between different establishments and institutions
  • Close monitoring of academic performance of students
  • Consistency in the quality of academic delivery
  • Transparency in academic process
  • Automated generation of relevant reports anytime
  • Conduction of online classes without interruption in the context of any crisis.
  • Maximize productive days in the academic calendar

Says Globus Infocom CEO  Kiran Dham: “Though online learning was already being accepted by so many educational institutes in India, both private and government, the Covid-19 crisis has made it indispensable. We, being a leading technology provider in the field of Education, have witnessed surge in the demand of online learning and cloud-based learning platforms. So, keeping the requirements of educational establishments in our country, Globus is geared up to provide best of the made In India learning & remote collaboration solutions to facilitate learning without any hassle in any given situation.”
Apart from Learning Management System, Globus Infocom has already provided state of the art Virtual Classroom Solutions, Smart Classroom Solutions, Digital Language Labs, etc. to many state-run school, colleges and educational institutions even in Tier II and Tier III cities. The solutions laced with modern technology has helped the educational establishments across the country to make lessons more engaging, increase students attentiveness and improve results as well as attendance in classrooms.