Reverie uses its software to render government's Covid web resource in 10 Indian languages

August 22, 2020: Reverie Language Technologies has  leveraged its tool Anuvadak to automatically publish the MyGov Covid-19 page in 10 Indian languages
In order to bridge the language gap in a country known for its linguistic and dialectic diversity, Anuvadak has been built keeping in mind that websites in English are not enough to reach out to the 90% of people who don’t understand the language.  For the huge number of Indian language internet users, less than 0.1% of the total online content is available in local languages.
Arvind Pani, CEO and Co-founder at Reverie Language Technologies says,“As we emphasize on #VocalForLocal, it is imperative that businesses and governments are empowered with the right tools to reach out to all of India. Anuvadak is one such endeavor to tap into the potential 536 million Indian-language internet users. Our work for resonates with the vision of Indian government’s motion for Digital India. With Reverie striving to build an internet for every Indian, Anuvadak will go a long way in building an inclusive digital India.”
Businesses aspire to tap into the 536 million Indian-language internet user base that is growing at a significant pace. However, when it comes to building websites in Indian languages, there is a resistance either due to dearth of resources or time.