Which are the most popular programming languages in India?

17th August 2020
Which are the most popular programming languages in India?

August 17 2020: Prolific Testing, a UK headquartered  consultancy offering software testing services and training courses has ranked the programming languages Indians  most want to learn.
The study  found that Indians are most focused on learning python, with an astonishing 291,000 online searches for it each month – the equivalent of 9,700 online searches a day.
Java (134,300 online searches) is the next most popular programming language that individuals are trying to become proficient at.
JavaScript (108,200) and PHP (74,900) are each receiving over 70,000 online searches each from those keen to gain further knowledge on them.
On the other end, R (10,650), C# (32,600) and CSS (33,400) are among the programming languages that Indians have less interest in learning.
Most sought after jobs
Indians are most interested in data scientist jobs, with an average of 31,000 online searches per month. Data analyst roles generate the second greatest amount of interest, with 28,000 online queries each month. Software Engineer (15,000), Web Developer (14,000) and Software Developer (12,000) jobs each accumulate more than 11,000 online searches a month each. On the other end, python developer jobs gain just 8,100 online searches per month, making it the least popular.
Data for ‘the 10 technology jobs Indians are most interested in as a career’ and ‘the 10 programming languages Indians are most interested in learning’  was collated using analytics tool Ahrefs on  August 13.
For full details into the research, please see here