NetApp selects six startups for mentoring

30th July 2020
NetApp selects six startups for mentoring

Bangalore July 30 2020: At its annual  demo day for the NetApp Excellerator, Cloud data services leader  NetApp  virtually selected six deep tech startups, Aikaan LabsCyborgintellIQLECTKoinearthKubesafe, and Myelin Foundry, for the sixth cohort. 35 startups are now part of this unique startup accelerator program that is focused on cloud and data related technologies.
Through a four-month remote networking and mentoring period, these startups strengthened their business during a global crisis situation. Inspired by this opportunity, they even contributed to finding solutions in navigating this tough time. For instance, Myelin Foundry, a deep tech AI start-up that develops AI algorithms on video, voice, and sensor data for edge devices, is revolutionizing the video streaming space, which is seeing a huge uptake during the pandemic. Similarly, AiKaan Labs, a startup that provides a deep view into edge computing and IoT devices, is helping accelerate digital adoption.
During the demo day attended by investors and the tech industry, the six startups displayed diverse AI, ML and Blockchain based innovative solutions ranging from predictive analytics, edge computing, and integrated supply chain management, to cloud-native application protection using Kubernetes. A cohort five startup, Curl Analytics, also released a white paper with NetApp. The whitepaper focuses on an integrated solution to improve the efficiency of AI processes, resulting in efficiencies and cost savings. This whitepaper is a result of the sponsored Proof-of-Concept (POC) that NetApp offered Curl Analytics as part of the program.
NetApp Excellerator Cohort 6 start-ups:
Aikaan Labs: Device-management and application-orchestration platform for edge computing and IoT
Cyborgintell: CyborgIntell is an enterprise AI company for organizations to rapidly develop, deploy and operationalize AI applications at scale
IQLECT: A converged NoSql data platform for predictive and real-time analytics for operational intelligence
KoineArth: Blockchain and AI based ERP-compatible solution for organizations to integrate their supply chains
Kubesafe: Business continuity for cloud native applications
Myelin Foundry: Deep tech AI start-up working on video, voice, and sensor data on consumer edge devices