Digiboxx offers India-based cloud storage management

11th July 2020
Digiboxx offers  India-based cloud storage management

New Delhi, July 11: Indian digital file storage, sharing and management platform, Digiboxx will launch a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform for Indian users on August  15 , 2020.
With this service, businesses can secure their digital assets by controlling who can access them. This enables them to provide data access to the right people, when deemed fit.  It aims to provide features which rivals that of established players in the market and retain critical data within India’s borders and more importantly at Indian price points.
Says DigiBoxx Sr. Vice President Ankoor Choudharri:  “DigiBoxx allows you to easily share, store, track, and manage your assets – all on an Indian Digital Storage Cloud. A pocket-friendly Indian solution for individuals, small businesses & mammoth enterprises. To support small and medium sized businesses in this pandemic situation, we're giving 50% discount for the first 6 months on pre-registration to ease the burden. For both professional and personal use, it is the most cost-effective way to share photos, videos and other work files with clients and peers.”