Firework brings two innovations to its mobile social platform

09th July 2020
Firework brings two innovations to its mobile social platform

Bangalore, July 9 2020: Firework    is a social mobile content platform with offices in the US and India,   which has  introduced innovations Reveal and Gemi which will create a major shift in the way creators look at developing content.  
  Video viewers can then twist their phone as the video plays to watch from a new perspective and see more of the scene. Besides letting viewers in on more of the action, “reveal videos” also provide an opportunity for things like unexpected plot twists or surprise endings. The Reveal feature allows creators to move away from the standard vertical videos favored by other apps. Firework's proprietary intelligent discovery engine uses advanced machine-learning to provide users with safe and curated content that is personalized to each user's unique interests while filtering unsafe and unwanted visual content through its AI technology.  In addition to the horizontal-to-vertical feature, Firework is changing fan engagement by doing away with a provision for comments and likes to better options like private messages to the creator, bookmarking feature, or a share option. To drive meaningful conversations, Firework launches weekly fresh, culturally-relevant hashtag events that encourage an engaged social community to participate and create inspiring video content with the equal opportunity to earn cash prizes and fundraise for relevant social causes.
A multi-camera recording app, Gemi is exclusively available on App Store and touted to be a game-changer in video capturing tools for content creators struggling to derive a balance between the front and back camera. Gemi enables the use of both cameras at the same time. This app is free and easy-to-use and integrates special effects into real-time reporting, surpassing many existing professional post-recording editing tools. It allows iPhone users to shoot split-screen videos using multiple cameras simultaneously. This AI-powered (patent pending) camera superimposes the subject in the front of the camera and project it to the scene from the back camera in real-time.
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