New Oppo Find X2 is a 5G-ready phone

08th July 2020
New Oppo Find X2  is a 5G-ready phone

Camera buffs will  appreciate the superior still and video capability
Anand Parthasarathy
July 8 2020: Elsewhere on IndiaTechOnline we quote a report which suggests that 18 % of all mobile subscribers will own a 5G device by 2025. This may seem too distant to bother about for most of us, but if you are planning to buy a high end premier phone spending anything over Rs  50,000, it makes sense  protect the investment by ensuring that it will work with a 5G SIM when that becomes available – and that could be as early as  mid-to-end 2021.
Oppo has kept this in mind while launching the Find X2 series recently, ensuring that this flagship is 5G compatible, indeed this is the first 5G offering in India from the company.
I have been trying out the device for some days now and while there is no way currently for me to put it through its paces 5G-wise, while in India, I found enough to excite even with the current 4G LTE SIM under the hood. This is also one of the first handsets which measures up to the new WiFi6 standard that promises to shift data at ten times the speed of WiFi5 or 802.11ac as we know it. I have had one of the first WiFi6 routers to try out, but not at the time when I got my hands on the Find X2 – so this is another opportunity missed.
For users for whom the camera is all important, the Find X2 is – pardon the pun – an exciting find. The triple rear camera offers a 48 MP wide angel, a 13 MP ultra-wide macro lens which can shoot as close as  3 cms  and a 13 MP telephoto zoom which lets you do a 5X optical zoom and  10X hybrid zoom. I don’t set much store by digital or hybrid zoom as this is achieved by significantly lowering the resolution, so for me, 5x optical is the operative parameter.  All three lenses combine well to achieve very good penetration at night or low light.
The front or selfie camera is a single lens 32 MP with AI Dazzle which significantly boosts the colour saturation.  For those who use their phone to shoot video, the Find X2 supports the top 4K quality and a three shooting speeds 30-60-120 fps for all those slo-mo effects.
In my work, I need to take my own pictures at events that must reproduce well in large print sizes on glossy paper -- and with the camera power of the Find X2 in my hand, I would likely not carry a dedicated camera or handycam. The triple microphone has a very useful feature that completely cuts out the wind noise that always plagues outdoor shoots.
At almost 200 grams the 6.7-inch QHD OLED screen X2 is quite  a chunky phone.  For followers of very fast action – like gamers – Oppo has doubled the refresh rate to 120 Hz. Oppo’s proprietary SuperVOOC charger ensures that the 2130x 2 battery pack can charge fully in about 40 minutes. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 can provide the 4 GBPS speeds of a 5G connection when available, which is canny futureproofing. It provides NFC technology, useful for those contactless POS transactions (important in these Covid days!).
Oppo has overlaid its Color OS 7.1 on top of Android 10. Buyers upgrading from earlier Oppo handsets will find this familiar, but other   especially those used to stick Android, can either adjust or tinker with the  apps display. 
While the Find X2 is a 12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage phone priced at Rs 64,990, Oppo will also launch the X2 Pro with512 GB storage later this month at an as yet unspecified price in India.
If I look for a single argument that will clinch a purchase decision in favour of the Oppo Find X2 I would point at its very superior shooting capabilities, both still and video and the complementary picture and (Dolby Atmos) sound quality that enhances the viewing experience.