Chinese app ban is opportunity for Indian alternatives

01st July 2020
Chinese app ban  is opportunity for Indian alternatives

Bangalore, July 1 2020: Indian  software developers have been quick to seize the opportunity offered by the government’s ban on 50-plus apps mostly of Chinese origin announced two days ago. They are stepping up to remind customers that they can offer alternatives to popular apps like TikTok.

 ShareChat, the largest Indian social media platform, claims that it  witnessed an  exponential growth since the government announced ban on 59 Chinese apps The platform has recorded 500,000 downloads on an hourly basis, and over 15 million downloads since the ban was announced.|
Says Farid Ahsan, COO and Co-founder, ShareChat: “We are excited to see the way people are exploring ShareChat for the endless possibilities it offers to the people and making it the preferred Indian social media platform. We are thankful for their continuous support and yet again, enabling us to emerge as the leader in the Indian social media landscape. We are confident that this sets up the foundation of another success for ShareChat.”

India’s fast-growing Lifestyle community-commerce platform Trell has  also witnessed a huge upsurge in the app downloads with more than 1 million downloads so far. Popularly known as Video Pinterest for Bharat, Trell is the go-to platform for users to share their experiences, recommendations, and reviews across various categories including health and fitness, beauty and skincare, travel, movie reviews, cooking, and home-décor. The lifestyle vlogging platform allows users to create 5-minute videos in their native languages. The app also offers a ‘shop’ feature that lets users purchase the products featured in the vlogs. Additionally, the platform also allows users to earn rewards, goodies and vacations through its app.|
Says Pulkit Agarwal, Co-Founder, Trell: “We welcome all the Tiktok and Chinese Apps content creators with open arms to come and engage on Trell which is 100% Indian App. As the largest Indian Lifestyle Social App we will continue to ensure that the privacy and data of users will be protected and will remain within the boundaries of our nation."
Trell has recently launched its platform for 3 new Indian languages, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali which makes it available in total 8 different languages now.

Roposo the leading Made In India short video app with more than 65 million downloads  says it has been the number one social app on the Google Play Store in recent times. Many leading personalities such as Sonam Wangchuk had earlier come out in support of Roposo on social media.  The makers say TikTok users, have started switching to Roposo in large numbers after the ban. Influencers who have switched to Roposo include Prem Vats and Noor Afshan who had fan followings of 9.5 million and 9 million respectively on TikTok. MyGov, the citizen engagement platform founded by the Government of India has  come  on Roposo.
Roposo is available in 12 Indian languages and has more than 14 million video creators and 80 million videos created monthly.“Our mission is to provide Indians with the largest talent platform that is truly Indian,” said Mayank Bhangadia, Co-Founder of Roposo. “We have built Roposo as a clean and ethical platform. The unique idea of channels in Roposo provides every talented Indian with an opportunity to grow rapidly.”

Bolo Indya a rival to Tik Tok says  it will benefit from the ban on its larger rival. Says founder  Varun Saxena: “Users or download have seen in last two month is 3.5 lakhs and around 1,00,000+ in last 12 hours since the news came on banning. The app has seen traction/surge in downloads in the last night is more than 1 lakh downloads and 5.5 lakh+ videos created in last 12 hours…Happy to see many Tiktok Stars switching to Bolo Indya as a preferred alternative to move their followers. Majority of these are from Edutok segment of Tiktok which further boosts our value add for users as a regional language platform to share knowledge, experience and opinions.”
He adds: As the most loved Indian short videos app that is having users spend more than 39 min per day on it before the ban on Chinese apps, we invite all the Tiktok stars from India to be the part of fast growing Bolo Indya community.”

Public,  is a homegrown video app. Used even by politicians and local authorities, it is the go-to app for verified and informative short video content. Being one of the most used Indian apps, Public would like to share a quote on how this is going to benefit the Indian App ecosystem.
 Says Azhar Iqubal, Founder and CEO, 'Public', which has garnered 50 million users within a year of its launch: “This is a welcome move by the government. We have immense talent and resources in India and the vacuum created by this ban is a great opportunity for Indian app makers to launch products that have the potential to do well globally. It will also make users more vigilant in checking what permissions they have given to apps as smartphones store sensitive information.”