WiFi 6 routers: As good as it gets

20th June 2020
WiFi 6 routers: As good as it gets

World WiFi Day special
Netgear Nighthawk  is the first WiFi 6 router to reach India
June 20 2020: The NetgearNightHawk AX8 has been around for a year, along with Linksys’ Velop 5300,  in the WiFi 6 category and they have fairly similar specs with 4 antennas each.
We got to try the AX8 and while there was no way at present, to verify the rated maximum data rate of 6 GBPS it is undoubtedly  at the leading edge of routers today, easily covering a large home of 3500 sq. ft without needing repeaters.
It is a (literally!) heavy product  at 1.36 kg and will handle heavy work-from-home usage or even serve a small office. The price has dropped Rs 10,000 in a year to Rs 29,999 today.
Netgear’s latest WiFi 6 router, the AX12 doubles the number of antennas  and if you add the beams in 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz you have a total of 12w beams.  The India  price is Rs 51,999.
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