Grocery merchant app, SnapOrder, sees surge in clients during lockdown

India, June 6, 2020: SnapOrder a mobile app  that enables Kirana ( grocery) stores of all sizes to go online with their supplies has witnessed 6-fold  growth in downloads in the month of April alone.
The company had recently released several updates to the app that aids Kirana stores solve the many challenges faced during a Lockdown.
One of the highlights of the app is that consumers can use it to directly view available stocks and place orders with the Kirana stores, either for pick-up or for home delivery, enabling the Kirana store to manage demand efficiently and prevent over-crowding at the stores to make sure social distancing is maintained during the current crisis. Also, with over 70% of SnapOrder stores doing home delivery for no additional cost, this app has become a prominent player in the affordable e-commerce segment beating out most delivery apps that charge a significant amount for their service.
Says Prem Kumar, Founder & CEO, SnapBizz:“The SnapOrder app has been exclusively designed to fulfil the entire Kirana store value chain. With the sudden lockdown the app provides to be a boon for not only the retailer who could easily manage his inventory and its movement but more so for the end consumer who could get a bird’s eye view into the neighbourhood Kirana store with the app. Not only that but it helped the customer order their essentials from the comfort of their homes and pick it up or have it delivered in a contact less manner amidst Covid19.”
“The latest version of the app is armed with a host of benefits to make it more convenient for the user. According to a recent study report, ease of use was cited as the number one reason for the popularity of the SnapOrder app.”
The SnapOrder app offers a variety of solutions that sets it apart from other delivery apps:
- Go online in just 30 min: SnapOrder mobile app has been developed to quickly get the Kirana stores online in just 30 minutes. The app comes preloaded with 2000 SKUs/products which enables the store owner to quickly go online.
- Exclusive and customised app for the retailer: This app enables the Kirana store owner to have a direct one-to-one connect with the customers. It is designed as an exclusive platform for the store to connect with consumers, unlike other apps where there are various stores for the customer to choose from, increasing competition and decreasing visibility. When the customer opens this app, he straightaway gets the view of the available SKUs in that particular Kirana store.
- The only grocery-specific app in the market: SnapOrder mobile app is the only app in the market that is developed specifically for Kirana stores across India.
Kirana stores have won many new customers and many of these new customers would continue to purchase from them – even post lockdown. The customers are now becoming more aware of the services that Kirana store owners offer such as; Credit, home-delivery, hyper-local apps, hyper-local merchandise etc. Link to app in Google Play store here