WeP Peripherals to bring world's fastest printers to India

10th January 2011
WeP Peripherals to bring world's fastest printers to India
World's fastest injket... the inside and outside

WeP Peripherals, is to bring to India what is arguably the world’s fastest inkjet printing technology: The Bangalore based employee-owned company, has teamed with the San Diego ( US) headquartered, high speed colour printing leader, Memjet, to launch printers harnessing a new technology that shoots out colour pages at a hitherto unachievable 60 pages a minute.

The tie up was announced over the weekend on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Memjet unveiled a slate of printers both A4 sized for the home/small office as well large format enterprise models, deploying its patented techbnology where the printhead which houses tens of thousands of inkjet nozzles extends across the full width of the carriage.

This means the print head need not move and the paper movement is the only required movement. By effectively cutting by two ( or more) the time required to print one line of text and advance the paper the print the next line, Memjet’s technology is able to achieve amazing print speeds which are at least twice as fast as the best achievable today with both inkjet and laser printers. Memjet-powered printers provide both color and speed by putting more than 70,000 ink nozzles on a single printhead—17 times that of traditional printheads. The 8.77 inches (222.8mm) printhead spans the width of a page, allowing Memjet-powered printers to deliver more than 700 million drops of ink per second on a page.

Len Lauer, president and CEO of Memjet, said that: “WeP is an innovative company noted for its focus on its customers. We believe WeP’s design, development, manufacturing and service expertise, combined with our robust technology, will significantly benefit their customers.”

“We are delighted to bring multiple benefits of quality color, speed and affordability to our customer base,” said Ram N. Agarwal, Managing Director and CEO of WeP. “The breakthrough Memjet technology truly is a game-changer and aligns with our customer focus to provide products developed with the best technologies at affordable prices. With this we also strengthen our printer product offering".

While WeP Peripherals will manufacture the Memjet 60 ppm printer in India, Kpowerscience will manufacture a fan fold model in Taiwan. Memjet also announced that Lenovo will bring its printers to China.

Inkjet printers where a non moving print head extends across the width of the carriage – ie it is as wide as the paper being fed -- were first announced around 2007 almost simultaneously by two developers: Silverbrook Research in Australia and by Hewlett Packard in the US. Memjet is deplpoying the Silverbrook technology while HP used its technology which it called “Edgeline” to fuel a few printers like the  CM8060/8050 Color MFP office printers as well as the Photosmart Express Station pe1000 retail photokiosks and the  Photosmart pm1000 Microlab printer. However HP did not harness the technology to fuel its consumer range of inkjets – so the WeP-Memjet rollouts will be the first high speed fixed printhead printers to reach lay customers any where.
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Wep Peripherals link: www.wepindia.com .
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