AI startup QBlocks moots on-demand supercomputing

27th May 2020
AI startup QBlocks  moots  on-demand supercomputing

Bangalore, May 27 2020: Q Blocks, a startup founded by brothers Saurabh and Gaurav, has developed a business model for making supercomputers available on demand  for scientists, engineers, and designers to further their research.  
Their affordable supercomputer initiative is built on technologies such as distributed and peer-to-peer computing  and will be especially useful for high performance computing applications.
Saurabh Kumar Vij, is a scientist with experience working for CERN and his brother Gaurav Vij is an artificial intelligence (AI) researcher.
The founders aim at bringing supercomputing access to more than 5 million data scientists and designers and they expect that this affordability would further expand this market.
Says Saurabh: “On our way to developing exa scale-level capabilities, our first stop was to make high performance GPUs virtually stackable and remotely accessible by others. Though the idea of using someone’s else’s computer to fund own research is not new in the scientific world, with The Folding@Home project leading the race with our 1Exaflops of computing power.”
Q Blocks says  creating an access to a network of distributed GPUs is not an easy task. First, it is required to build a reliable connect to such remote machines and then to provide a secure developer environment and then a capability to manage the GPUs on remote machines.
Their vision is to expand their network to include Xbox and gaming stations in the future, while their long-term goal is to provide a reliable service to handle problems such as weather forecasting, synthetic data creation for hedge funds, fraud detection, deep fake detection, computational fluid dynamics for governments, among various other things. 
The company is on the way to launching subscription packages, using which users can instantly launch their Jupyter Notebooks with pre-configured AI frameworks. This would include information on learning and testing more data science models.
Going forward, the focus markets for Q Blocks are US, Canada and India – especially Bangalore in India, where they have connected with multiple data scientists and ML engineers.
Q Blocks is one of the ten startups that successfully completed the mentorship-driven Techstars Bangalore Accelerator's 2020 programme recently.