In a post covid world, AR may rule

15th April 2020
In a post covid world, AR may rule

Bangalore, April 15 2020: When people return to daily routine after the Covid-19 lockdown, they may  operate with a renewed cautiousness. And in a world where touch is feared, will Augmented Reality play a supporting actor role and make the product a hero? 
​Sravanth Aluru, CEO and Founder of, an AI company that empowers digital marketing & commerce experiences using AR technologies believes so.
Even in a cautious state, the consumer would prefer a life-size experience of a product. With AR’s capability to create a visual simulation, the technology has an edge to bridge the offline-online experience gap and be the new ‘touch & feel’, says Sravanth. Already we see this in the automobile sector and high-value e-commerce purchase like furniture. AR as a technology can play across the purchase funnel, from driving higher engagement and reach to driving conversions. 
Adds  Sravanth: “We at feel that this will transcend into new categories. Digitally influenced commerce will get an enormous push due to the behavioural change occurring due to fear that will outlive the pandemic. And AR can help bridge the online-offline experience, providing consumers with the convenience and safety of at-home discovery and tangible experiences.”
The swift spread of the coronavirus pandemic has led to a great change in buyer behaviour. The virus has made our environment increasingly ‘liquid’, i.e subject to change and operating without familiar context or predictable patterns of behaviour. There are six consumer behaviour thresholds of COVID-19 as per the Nielsen report. We are currently living on 5th threshold i.e restricted living. As we emerge to the world free of COVID, we would start living a new normal, suggests Nielsen.