Tracking increased mobile use of WiFi in the time of Covid-19...

03rd April 2020
Tracking  increased mobile use of WiFi in the time of Covid-19...
WiFi mobile users in India. ( Image courtesy KPMG)

London, April 3 2020: Mobile phone users' time on Wifi increased significantly on a week-on-week basis in the third week of March in many countries, driven by  the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions on the movement of people that were introduced to reduce its spread. But India bucked the trend.
UK-headquartered independent mobile analytics company Opensignal  has assesses the average amount of smartphone users’ time spent connected to Wifi across many regions and countries 
The analysis shows that Time on Wifi increased in Northern America and Europe, as well as in Australia, Argentina, Peru and Brazil. 
Opensignal did not detect a statistically significant week-on-week increase in the percentage of time Indian smartphone users have spent on Wifi between the second week of January and the third week of March.
Other Asian countries where OpenSignal saw a significant increase in this period include Indonesia, Japan,  Singapore and Vietnam.Countries in the region wherethey  have detected significant increases in Time on Wifi in either or both the second and third weeks of March include Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines.