Coronavirus shutdown triggers surge in online learning

01st April 2020
Coronavirus shutdown triggers surge in online learning

April 1 2020: Ed Tech companies are  witnessing a  surge as universities and  schools go online  in the wake of the coronavirus lockdowns worldwide including India.
From competitive exam preparation to solving syllabus related queries, Online platforms are  turning out to be the guiding light for aspirants and students in quarantine 
The education has bounced back, thanks to the digital era. The current situation has led to the closing down of schools, universities, coaching institutes and other educational institutes following the spread of the Covid-19. This has further affected the students and aspirants preparing for their future. Physical education has moved to the virtual world.
While most of the schools and universities across India and globe are offering online classes, on the other hand there are ed-tech platform like Simplilearn, UpGrad, Catalyst, Brainly, etc offering online education. Many students and professionals are signing up for online classes, for entrance exams like the JEE, NEEET, UPSC, SSC or for upskilling. Even school students are making the best of this social distancing phase.
A clutch of ed-tech players, such as UpGrad, Catalsyt, Brainly, Simplilearn etc have seen a sharp rise in new users.  Online users who have enrolled with Simplilearn for courses on cyber security, Cloud, DevOps, AI and data sciences have jumped 15% in March. Similarly, Catalyst Group, online learning platform  has witnessed 30-40% rise in admissions in the last two to three days and also the number of students regularly attending the online classes have increased. Daily watch minutes are almost doubled in the past two to three days as students are at home and attending regular classes.