Hyderabad students create useful Coronavirus tracker

Hyderabad, March 20 2020: Students of Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering, Hyderabad, have developed a live District-wise tracker for COVID-19 cases in India. The tracker can be found at https://covindia.netlify.com.
The data for the tracker is obtained from credible and reliable sources such as the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Technology, and reputed news outlets. A dedicated team of students has been assigned to pull out data from relevant sources and update the map on the tracker after thorough cross-checking and verification. It will prove helpful for people travelling in the country in avoiding virus-prone zones and would also help the authorities to mobilize resources more efficiently. This application can also be installed as a web-app on any smart phone.
The website has been developed by the students: Raghav NS, Ananta Srikar, Rishab Ramanathan, Rohith Gilla, Anchit Sharma and V. Meghana Reddy under the guidance of Mahindra Ecole Centrale faculty Dr. Achal Agrawal, Dr. Bharghava Rajaram and Mr. Raj Narayanan.