Indian startups are hotbeds of innovation, says Microsoft CEO

27th February 2020
Indian startups are hotbeds of innovation, says Microsoft CEO
Satya Nadella at Future Decoded Tech Summit in Bangalore February 25 2020

Bangalore, February 27, 2020: Indian businesses and startups are emerging as innovation leaders, signaling how state-of-the-art technology can drive growth, enhance customer experience and tackle some of India’s most pressing societal and environmental issues, said  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella here, two days ago. He was speaking at At Future Decoded : Tech Summit, a conclave for Indian developers, technologists and industry leaders.
 Currently visiting India, Nadella said that Microsoft’s mission was to help organizations jump-start their growth through transformational tech intensity  -  which results from enterprises adopting best-in-class  technology rapidly, building their own digital capability, and having trust both in the technology they use and the companies they partner with: We have an unprecedented opportunity to apply technology to drive economic growth that is inclusive, trusted and sustainable everywhere, including in India,” said Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft. “That’s why we are partnering with leaders in every industry across the country to help them build their own digital capability, transform their organizations and achieve more in this new era.”
Nadella outlined examples of tech intensity in Indian organizations harnessing Microsoft tools like Azure ( cloud services) and Dynamics 365 ( business as a service):
MYNTRA:  Myntra, India’s leading destination for fashion and lifestyle, is using Azure to focus on innovation, speed and agility and strengthen their leadership position even further. The elasticity of Azure is helping Myntra scale rapidly for big spikes that occur routinely during festive seasons. Since the deployment of Azure, Myntra, has recorded a 50 percent rise in orders in the latest edition of its biennial End of Reason Sale.
UDAAN Udaan, the fastest Indian startup to become a unicorn, is a born on Azure company, With a lean technology engineering team, Udaan leverages Azure for all their infrastructure and cloud needs that span business functions, like lending credit, logistics and e-commerce. Azure provides the tech platform that enables Udaan to be agile in building out technologies that help them rapidly increase their coverage and scale.
ROYAL ENFIELD: Royal Enfield, the oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production in the world, had multiple IT systems that were unable to provide a single view of customers. This led to higher turnaround times, as well employee and customer dissatisfaction. They integrated reporting capabilities across departments, deploying D365 across its operations – specifically D365 Sales, Service, Field Service, Retail, Finance and Operations. This has improved customer experience/touchpoints across the sales journey – from the sale itself to post-sales service. They are now able to follow up after a test ride and capture customer feedback, and also seek services appointments actively. Moreover, they are also able to generate new insights across operations, for example they can identify the most frequent reasons for repeat repairs. The solution is now live at 120 dealers & distributors.EUREKA FORBES: Eureka Forbes has a 6000+ strong door to door sales team – one of the largest direct sales forces in India.  Their sales model needed to be modernized for an era in which customer expectations are changing and behaviors are changing, such as checking products online. Moreover, there is new friction in the buying process, such as gated communities restricting access. Eureka Forbes has consolidated seven different CRM systems onto Dynamics 365, Salespeople can access customer info directly on their smartphones, including granular insights like water quality and the right product to sell in real time.