Now, cool tools to rate cloud services

14th December 2010
Now,  cool tools to rate cloud services

Technology performance company, Compuware Corporation has launched the industry’s first tool to analyze and compare cloud-based services, using real time measurement techniques. “CloudSleuth” as its name suggests, will do detective work and check on how competitive cloud offerings measure up – a useful tool for cloud service clients and consumers to audit and rate their own ‘cloudy’ systems.

CloudSleuth ( ) is a free community for both cloud service providers and consumers who are considering, building or managing cloud applications. In addition to cloud computing resources and information, the portal provides real-time insight into the performance and availability of cloud-based applications using measurements from around the world.
CloudSleuth gives partners the opportunity to provide third-party verification of the reliability of their services.
Nick Evered, Regional Vice President, Compuware Asia said in Bangalore,Tuesday: “Cloud Computing is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for collaboration and application management. CloudSleuth will get IT and Business Professionals talking about Cloud. It will help bring together industry experts, early cloud adopters and newcomers to Cloud Computing to foster better understanding of deploying and managing applications on the cloud.”
Added Vivek Kumar Sharma, Managing Director, Compuware India: “India is one of the fastest growing economies today and businesses, small and medium establishments to large enterprises understand and appreciate the benefits of cloud computing. CloudSleuth will help them analyze the impact of applications on the cloud with real-time data which will enable to make better business decisions,”.
In addition to blogs, forums and resources provided by CloudSleuth partners, the site features a number of applications to help enterprises build and manage cloud applications. Two already available are : Global Provider View continuously monitors a sample application running in each of the major cloud service providers. It allows users to see first-hand, in real-time, how well the sample application performs over time from the perspective of end users around the globe. Global Provider View leverages the Gomez network, including both backbone nodes and Last Mile peer collection points around the world.
Cloud Performance Analyzer provides users the ability to explore the impact of Cloud services on Web application response times. Cloud Performance Analyzer continuously monitors a sample e-commerce web application built with commercial third party services. It allows users to see first-hand, in real-time, how third party services impact application performance from the perspective of end users around the globe. 

'Why did that cloud service crash when it did, Holmes?'

Elementary, my dear Watson, it was the Last Mile!'

Dec 15 2010