Google to exit India railway free WiFi project

19th February 2020
Google to exit  India railway  free WiFi project

Bangalore, February 19 2020: Having helped provide free WiFi in over 400 railway stations in India, Google  is  walking out of the project, after 5 years.
Caesar Sengupta, Google's  Vice President of Payments & Next Billion Users  told TechCrunch  that the company planned to dioscontinue the programme sometime this year. The stated reason:  with plumetting mobile prices in India, Google Station is no longer necessary.
Thankfully, Google partner in the railway station WiFi project, the government-owned RailTel  which provides free WiFi at over 5000 stations including   the Google-supported 400,  has promised to  continue facilitating WiFi  in these stations, after Google quits.
Google replicated the India railway WiFi  project in many countries  including Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines  and Nigeria.
It launched the project in Soth Africa, just three months ago, across 125 locations in that country, but has announced that it will soon quit,handing over the operations to its local partner, Think WiFi.