InnovationQore funds 25 startups with a $ million each

16th February 2020
InnovationQore funds 25 startups with a $ million each
Panrl discussion during the InnivationQore startup funding meet

Bangalore  February 16 2020: InnovationQore has  announced the winners of its first cohort of applicants under the Turbostart programme.
The programme which was open to all Indian start-ups was run in a competition format and attracted over one thousand applications within a short span of forty five days from across 15 sectors from 157 cities from around 25 countries.
Considering the quality of applications received, the jury comprising of an eminent panel of the investment committee, management team and advisory board of InnovationQore decided to increase the number of finalists to include 25 innovative startups, who would be funded upto $1 Million each. 
Said Ganesh Raju, Founder, and CEO, InnovationQore:  “The phenomenal response that we received for Turbostart’s first cohort of winners, both in terms of quality and quantity prompted us to increase the number of startups that would receive funding, mentorship and hand-holding to 25 finalists.  These startups will also be provided with assistance in-product positioning, entity structuring, brand and digital strategy along with services spanning tax, legal, marketing and sales. There were significant contributions from the fintech sector. With new age technologies such as AI, IOT and Machine Learning making inroads into the logistics sector, efficiencies can be greatly improved. Applications also came in from the edutech sector which is on the cusp of becoming the next sunrise sector. Engaging content is the demand of the day, with AR, VR and ML contributing significantly to how students understand concepts better. Other sectors that made it to the winning list included legal-tech, reg-tech, impact, B2C, low code animation, product, media-tech, healthtech, foodtech and fintech."
The list of winners
- D-Bookstore in the Edtech sector, which is a virtual publishing, digital book distribution and selling platform, linking educational institutions, professors, publishers and students around the world
- DOQFY in the Legaltech sector, which is an AI powered technology platform that helps with organizing legal documents and offers professional services with last mile service delivery.
- Sciative Solutions in the Deeptech sector, which develops automated dynamic price optimization systems through big data, AI and Machine-to-Machine interactions.
- Tathya Earth in the Deeptech sector, which uses machine learning and computer vision technologies to provide near real-time factual insights on economic indicators.
- Transo in the Logistics sector, which is a trucking and logistics IoT platform on mobile.
- PiChain in the reg-tech sector, which refines compliance through a cognitive compliance platform that is easy to use, intelligent and involved.
- LearnCab in the edtech sector that provides a unique e-learning model to help aspirants study digitally.
- Sightryt Vision in the impact sector that aims to drive easy access to eyecare in tier-II cities.
-  Kahanibox in the B2C sector, which is an interactive story platform which allows audiences not only to consume, but also interact and influence stories.
- Argoid, in the deeptech sector, which autonomous consumer insights platform that uses AI-enhanced data ingestion, AI-enhanced data curation, consumer insights and autonomous AI/ML to improve accuracy.
- Project Pro in the Low Code Automation sector, which provides finished and ready to use solutions to developers.
- Placements365 in the Edtech sector, which is a placement automation software program that minimizes hassles for company placement managers and students.
- Zoodify in the Product sector, which is a group communication platform that identifies important notifications, allows parallel chats and respects user privacy.
- Edugorilla in the Edtech sector, which is an educational community that focuses on the largely untapped field-state level exams.
- NebulARC in the logistics sector, which orchestrates the supply chain through asset lifecycle management.
- Goldseat in the mediatech sector, which provides offline entertainment to passengers.
- Shilps Sciences in the healthtech sector, which has solved the issues with gene editing by accelerating single gene cell applications with higher yields.
- Quiznext in the eductech sector, which makes revision interesting and engaging.
- Smartpuja in the B2C sector, which is a one-stop-solution for Vedic needs.
- Fluid Robotics in the Deeptech sector, which provides robotics and AI for water resource management.
- Transportal in the logistics sector, which is a two-way car rental SaaS product that aims to change the car rental ecosystem.
 Carditek in the healthtech sector, which is a 12 lead patch wearable ECG that is all set to revolutionize the way ECGs are taken.
Irillic in the healthtech sector, which provides fluorescent imaging for real-time blood and lymph imaging with world-class equipment made in India.
- Gokhana in the foodtech sector, which offers organized food services to simplify the dining experience.
Moneytouch in the Fintech sector, which is a financing platform for IFAs.