Kerala tops national ranking of e-Gov service delivery

New Delhi, February 12 2020: Kerala state ranks number one in the first-ever ranking of e-governance services delivery  in Indian states and union territories.
The rankings are part of  the National e-Governance Services Delivery Assessment (NeSDA) framework published recently by the Union Department of Administrative Reforms and Public grievances.
The  framework assessed all the service portals (State/UT and Central Ministry service portals) on 7 key parameters, viz. Accessibility, Content Availability, Ease of Use, Information Security & Privacy, Endservice Delivery, Integrated Service Delivery and Status & Request Tracking.  It covers six sectors, viz. Finance, Labour & Employment, Education, Local Government & Utilities, Social Welfare (including Agriculture & Health) and Environment (including Fire) sectors. The framework covers services under G2B (especially to small businesses) and G2C segments, in these six sectors. Apart from the service portals, the quality of the State / UT portals was also assessed on four parameters: Accessibility, Content Availability, Ease of Use, and Information Security and Privacy.
To account for the variations in the size and diversity of the States, they have been categorized into three groups:  North East States and Hill States (11),  Union Territories (7), and Remaining States (18). The assessment based on the above categorization of States and UTs was undertaken and the corresponding ranking of the States and UTs for their State / UT portals and their service portals  was announced. Kerala heads the list of "remaining states", followed by Goa, Haryana, West Bengal and Telangana.  Tamil Nadu is bottom of the class  just behind  Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.
 Content Availability
Kerala  also heads the ranking for Content Availabilit at its  State Portal Content Availability signifies the availability of updated, authentic, relevant and user friendly information in different/ local languages, which can be easily understood and shared through multiple sources such as email and social media. With a score of 88.89 in Content Availability, Kerala State portal emerges as a leading State in this area and offers good practices such as:

- Dedicated sections providing list of State Departments with contact details of Ministers & Senior officials along with list of Districts with contact details of DM and senior officials
- A section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
- Availability of information of last updated timestamp & last updated timestamp on each page of the portal as of current year
- Portal follows the Open Data policy, publishing Government data for public use. It also displays statistics about website usage by no. of visitors
- Information on availability of features to receive non-service SMS alerts and confirmations to users about portal activities, e-participation activities, updates on portal, eGov marketing etc
- Uses Search Engine Optimization technique for better content rating

We bring you the full  NeSDA Report here