Xiaomi is Mix-ing it up!

20th January 2020
Xiaomi is Mix-ing it up!

ByVishnu Anand
Bangalore, January 20 2020: A few days back, Xiaomi revealed, its  new smartphone vision: Christened Mi Mix Alpha, it is the first phone to feature a wraparound screen design, which essentially means it is an OLED screen all over. This stretches (literally) around and behind the phone, unlocking the possibility of viewing and experiencing immersive content all over the device.
The Mix Alpha is the first phone in the world to feature a 108 MP camera along with supplementary cameras, driven by the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor and an exclusive 5G modem,  which app developers and service providers can truly leverage to take user experience to the next level. A reference phone warrants the use of the best build materials  and with this device, Xiaomi introduces titanium and ceramic, two uber expensive but strong materials to support the all-glass exterior. While the commercial feasibility of the MI Mix Alpha in its current form is still undecided, it is truly a masterpiece that reveals the possibilities for the next couple of quarters,
Incidentally, the brand also revealed that it is going to pay a lot of attention to the Mi line-up of devices that seem to have gone into hibernation. We learnt that it planned to build an integrated online + offline network riding on the Redmi line of  ultra affordable made-for-India devices before reintroducing Mi this year,  as a premium line. Xiaomi has also announced that Poco, will become a third line with focus on gaming performance.