Whither TV industry in 2020

16th January 2020
Whither TV industry in 2020

From Switzerland based  OTT and IPTV solutions provider  SPB TV,  a prediction of top TV trends in 2020
January 16 20120: Think Amazon, Disney or Netflix  in 2019. Video is the new black. By 2021, video consumption is predicted to form 80% of the world’s internet traffic.
What is 2020  going to look like? Here are some trends poised to enter this new year.
OTT is at stake
Over-the-top (OTT) media services are growing and the popularity of these platforms stems from the fact that they offer subscribers limitless and instant access to original high-quality content.
OTT services are working overtime to provide original and high-quality content. The trick seems to work as consumers continue to migrate to online video platforms. Many OTT providers have also allied themselves with mobile operators to get a large slice of the pie. Companies are also looking into monetizing content alternating and combining ad-based, paid subscription and video on demand.
Mobile run rampant
The mobile channel has surpassed TV in growth as it became the preferred video delivery medium.Telcos and mobile operators as they are in winning position to use this significant competitive advantage create a new business strategy: building service ecosystems with own TV services or make partnerships with streaming services. 
Smartphones remain the device of choice when it comes to watching any content for much of the world, especially developing markets like the Middle East/Africa, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.
Content retaining
OTT’s growth inevitably led to services finding niche content of their own. And this is one of the most notable streaming services trends there is. This is apparent in the case of Disney, who decided to pull its contract with providers Hulu and Netflix.
This development can only be caused by stiff competition, which is bound to further increase.
All we hear is radio?
Video didn’t kill the radio. Yes, streaming music will do that instead. The most prominent of streaming trends, music impacts young audiences the most. Younger age groups now prefer streaming music over the radio–and for good reason. Music streaming is all about music: no DJs, no time checks and most of all no lengthy advertisements. 
Meanwhile, podcasts are gaining traction and could very well soon get to have more
In-industry and business streaming
Organizations are now using video streaming to help customers troubleshoot product and service issues. Video streaming’s interactive nature is now considered a critical
E-commerce companies leverage the technology to market their products and services. This improves customers’ online shopping experience and brings them closer to brands.
Educational institutions stream lessons to online students. This enriches students’ classroom experience through visual demos and live lesson broadcasts.
For the healthcare sector, streaming proved its worth by allowing medical practitioners to hold online training sessions and care for patients in real-time.