Adecco India's CEO Sudhakar Balakrishnan and Director ( Finance) B. Sundar, unveil the banner on Nov. 25, that announces 100,000 'temps' on their rolls ( Photo IndiaTechOnline)
100,000: That's the number of 'temps' with Adecco India

IT's the world's yougest workforce.

The Indian arm of Switzerland-based global human resources leader Adecco, has become the first ever Human Resources provider inthe country, to cross the landmark of 100,000 temporary staff on its rolls making it one of the largest private sector employers. It represents  one in seven of the parent company's total  temp strength.

Their “associates”  as Adecco likes to characterise its temps are placed in India-based verticals like Infrastructure, IT, Retail, Logistics, Telecom, FMCG, Engineering, Banking and Financial services. With 80 branches across India, Adecco serves some 1500 clients, over a third of them in the booming telecom sector.
Says Managing Director and CEO Sudhakar Balakrishnan: “It is a proud moment that we put 100,000 people to work every day. Our employees are today placed in some of the leading global and domestic majors, not only at entry level but also in senior and middle levels. We plan to expand our network to 120 offices by next year.”
The network will arm Adecco with the capabilities to source the right talent and provide JIT(Just-In-Time) workforce to its clients customers, not only in the metros but also in tier II and III cities.
The company shared estimates that there will be 70 cities with population of over 1 million by 2020. 140 million people are expected to move to cities by 2020 and about 700 million by 2050. While India’s most prized resource is its workforce and the labour market is about 540million people but only 100 million make up for the organized workforce.

With 240 million between the age group of 20-28 India has the world’s youngest workforce, Balakrishnan adds.
However compared to developed economies where “temping” accounts for some 2.5% to 3% of the organized workforce, the percentage in India is around 1 percent. The sunrise sectors like IT, telecom and retail prefer the temporary worker route especially when they roll out new services -- and companies like Adecco provide the temping option in a structured and regulated manner that ensures good working conditions to its candidates.
The Adecco Group, is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions with more than 5,500 branches, in over 60 countries and territories around the world. It numbers more than than 700,000 associates with over 100,000 clients every day. Link to company website:  

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November 26 2010